terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2016

Dealing with Side Effects of corticosteroids now in E-book !!!!!!!!!

Good morning, people!! Today is a very special day for me! I published my first e-book in english!

Dealing with Side Effects of corticosteroids is a book that offers tips on how to take care of alimentation, the physical and the mind when using high doses of corticosteroids. It is a compilation of experiences made by Blogger Sally Barcelos that uses the medication since 2010.

The book is available at the link below. I hope you enjoy it and that it can help all who are going through this difficult time  and have to live with the side effects of corticosteroids!

obs: the book is being sold in a foreign platform, so the price charged is in US dollars. The sale is necessary to cover the production costs. If all goes well, online sales will fund the production of physical books! What a dream!


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