quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

The eye of the Tornado

what is sorrow through the eye of another?
it burns, it drags you to the silence.
peace, you might say... peace
what is peace in the center of the mind
while insanity is close to its surroundings?

you might think we are close to closure.
what is closure while life goes on?
it is a dreadful series of constant thoughts
which never go away

in a way, we are all miserable
in another, we desperatly urge for hope
either way, those things appear to be normal
and the sorrow becomes vile

so, in your eyes, it may seem weakness
while, in my eyes, it may seem a cry for help
but, who's there to even understand our heart?

who, in their right state of mind, will to save a soul?
if not their own....
and the cycle of sorrow begins again, if it ever ended...

and the peace? oh the peace, it will never show itself again.

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